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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been able to check-in. School bin crazy chile, an I ready fa be DUN! As I've been wrapping up my semester I've gotten to do some pretty cool things. I got the chance to interview the mayor of Navassa, NC out in Brunswick County. He is the author of a book called, Navassa: The town and Its People. It turns out that Mayor Willis' research on his research is the reason why we began looking into Gullah culture in the lower Cape Fear Region, and is responsible for the North Carolina Cultural Heritage Corridor extending up into North Carolina. So basically, I have mayor Willis to thank for my wanting to do this research in the first place! So, thank you Mayor Willis!

The North Carolina African American Heritage Commission has announced their African to Carolina project! "The North Carolina African American Heritage Commission's Africa to Carolina initiative serves to identify, acknowledge and mark each site in the state where enslaved Africans disembarked directly from the African Continent". I, along with Navassa's community members, met with director Angela Thorpe and team to discuss their plans and the sites they'll be visiting. "AAHC staff worked closely with the NC Office of Archives & History and the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Marker Project to identify the following disembarkation sites. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. "

  1. Port Bath

  2. Port Beaufort

  3. Port Brunswick

  4. Port Currituck

  5. New Bern

  6. Port Roanoke

  7. Wilmington

For more information, visit the NC African American Heritage Commission website at

I've recently updated my services which can be found on my services tab. A lot of folks have been asking for genealogy services. I don't consider myself a genealogist but I LOVE genealogy and have been very successful with building family trees using digitized documents. I love putting the pieces of people's families together! If you are interested in me telling your family's story, hit that 'contact me' button, and lets get started. My packages start as low as $200!

That's all I got for now. Love y'all. Keep telling your story!

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